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Our team of professionals share over 40 years of experience in practising, teaching and developing programs, courses and workshops!

We created this online college to help reach health care professionals just like you from around the world who love their profession as much as we do and want to enhance their skills. 


All of our courses consist of Canadian content and have been  created by Canadian  professionals . The Canadian Centre For Advance Career Training (CCACT) Founder Ms. Jean McInnes-Robles has been an academic adviser to internationally trained health care professionals since 1988.


Health Training Online in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Advanced Career Training (CCACT) was established in 2009. to assist new Canadians in earning their first Canadian certificate.  Upon completion of your course you will receive a 

"Certificate of Completion" from The Canadian Centre For Advanced Career Training  All of our courses are short and concise most of which can be completed in as little as 2 hours while the Canadian Nursing Exam review is  120 hours. 


There are no time restriction or requirements in completing any of the courses.  None require students to attend online in person classes  allowing you to study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.




Jean Robles, Founder & President

Jean Robles Immigration Consultant (R516956) started her career in the health and education sector at an early age.  Her initial interest in working with foreign health care professionals began in 1976 when she worked in one of Toronto's first South Asian medical centres.  


This was the beginning of her  journey of working with internationally trained newcomers to Canada.  Her passion and dedication to the health care system and to health care professionals is evident in the extensive amount of time and effort she puts forward in her business endeavours.   She is the Co-founder and was President from 1988 to 2013 of a Canadian Private Career College "Robetech Institute" which was established in 1988 as well as the co-founder to Robetech Institute International the first Canadian accredited college in the Philippines in 1997.

Health Training online (HTO) was established in 2009 in collaboration with the Ontario Society of Medical Technologists offering the only online review and practice exam for Medical Technicians in preparation for the certification exam.   Health Training online in collaboration with The Canadian Centre For Advanced Career Training has  developed continuing education courses for internationally trained and Canadian trained health care professionals. 

Jean continues working closely with students and affiliated colleges and government members to ensure the best practices in immigration and academic advising are being met, monitored and maintained regardless of country, culture or economics.


Jeanelle Robles, Vice President Marketing and Business Development

Jeanelle started working in the health care and education industry in 1998, providing exceptional services to both national and international students for a Canadian private career college. In 2004 Jeanelle became the Vice President of Robetech Institute Canada allowing her to continue working closely with all new students and alumni in helping them reach their academic and career goals.  Jeanelle has been the  Executive Director for Health Training Online for over 10 years and plays a key role in the development and delivery  of all of the courses. 

Meaghan Darling Executive Program Director

Meagh is a passionate, dedicated, driven individual who thrives on others personal well-being, always making sure to have a positive impact on all around her. Meaghan started her education at Robetech Institute grading in 2013 with a double diploma in Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Assistant programs. .Meaghan's  philosophy of always wanting to help others to reach their highest potential  she began a career in childcare.  Meaghan began by developing and implementing programs for children who had special needs, as well she assisted in their ADL.   Meaghan's next career move was working in Gerontology within Retirement Communities using her knowledge and practical skills in developing specific exercise programs for individual and group classes combining all therapeutic modalities .
As Life Enrichment Coordinator in a Senior Community she has organized and implemented all the daily activities to meet residents social, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs.  Meaghan has created several amazing courses to assist family and team members in caring for residents or loved ones with various abilities, courses that will enhance the residents quality of life.

Tammy Walsh R.N ,  Medical Program Developer

Tammy Walsh entered the health field in 1984 followed by a diverse career in nursing.  She obtained a Diploma of Nursing while at the same time winning the President’s Alumni Award from Centennial College.

Tammy began her career in the surgical field and moved into the NICU working at the world renowned Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario.  She continued to work simultaneously in different fields of nursing; corrections, pediatric intensive care, medical and surgical general nursing, occupational nursing and teaching.  


Tammy obtained a Bachelor of Health Science of Nursing from Charles Sturt University and a Diploma of Health Care Services Management from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.  She has continued her professional education by obtaining several different specialty certifications in nursing.  


She has developed and delivered programs at Durham College and was an instructor at Trent University. and has provided in-service training for hospital staff in private hospitals throughout India. Tammy is excited to provide more training in cities around the world as program developer and head facilitator for The Canadian Centre For Advanced Career Training.

Shyam Sivakumar, International Academic Advisor South Asia

Shyam has been an academic adviser since 1997 working at Robetech Institute a Canadian Private Career College and conintuing to guide and support the students to the present time.  Her educational background as a Community Social Worker and life experience as an immigrant to Canada has provided her with the tools to quickly and easily connect with our international students.

Lorraine Drimmie, Senior Academic Advisor

For over 30 years Lorraine has worked in a variety of positions within an academic setting.  She worked with the University of Toronto for over 21 years before retiring early in 2011.  All of the positions Lorraine held at the University were student focused and success oriented environments. She welcomes the opportunity to support international and domestic students. Her ability to make students feel welcome is one of her greatest strengths.


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