IMMIGRATION + ACADEMIC  Consultancy Services





If you are considering applying to Canada to pursue a higher education you may benefit from receiving our academic advising.  Jean Robles and her team has been assisting new immigrants and internationally trained health care professionals since 1988 


Our advisors are excited to act as your personal liaison between you and the college or university of your choice.  

All of our advisors are dedicated and experienced educational counsellors with years of  experience within the Canadian educational system.  It would be an honour to work with you and assist you in turning your dreams into a reality. 

Our advisors will assist you in selecting a program that encompasses all of the necessary tools and skills that your chosen field requires.  Together you and your advisor will research various colleges and universities offering the programs that best meet your career goals and desires. 


Our advisors will continue to assist you every step of the way from submitting your application to the admission department to obtaining your "Letter of Acceptance"  Upon receipt of your "letter of acceptance" your file would be transferred to our immigration team who will provide accurate and up to date information on applying for a study and student work permit.

Please feel free to forward your resume outlining your educational background, your work experience, level of English (include a copy of your IELTS or other English competency exam results)


Please include a paragraph describing your career goals, specific province or educational institution you would prefer to study and if you have any friends or relatives living or studying in Canada.    

email Jean at

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