Health + Wellness           

                                            health/helTH + well·nes/ˈwelnəs

noun: wellness

        the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.   "measures of a patient's progress toward wellness"

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Health + Wellness/ Covid 19

Our health and wellness courses offer a variety of amazing topics! Many of our courses will be of interest to parents, families and friends who wish to learn more about trauma and the mental well being of their child or elderly loved one.


Our courses were developed to provide you with knowledge of a new skill or to enhance your current skills to advance you personally or professionally. 


Feel free to check out the course descriptions by simply clicking  on the course titles;

  • The effects of a pandemic and children's mental health

  • Childhood Trauma -  Coping tools during a pandemic

  • Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer disease during a pandemic. 

    • A practical guide to supporting the loved one and self care.

  • Dementia and the effects of isolation

  • The importance of Body Language

  • Pandemic Support Worker 2020

  • (PSW20)

  • Pandemic Support Screeners Workers in the Service Industry

  • (PSSW20)

  • Pandemic Support Hospitality Workers (PSHW20)