Nursing                                         nurs·ing/ˈnərsiNG/

Noun: nursing

                the profession or practice of providing care for the sick and infirm.  "not enough people are entering nursing"


Courses for Student & Practising Nurses

The nursing profession is complex and diverse and requires a high degree of commitment from the individual who wishes to become a nurse. Commitment to nursing begins even before the first class of the first year of study.


An individual doesn’t casually decide to become a nurse, it takes a high level of self-realization and understanding of the depth of commitment needed to become successful and accomplished member of such a challenging profession. But, before we can become a nurse we must learn how to be a nurse through education and experience.

Many nursing students will feel overwhelmed when preparing to write the Canadian Registered Nurse Exam. Writing any type of exam is a stressful event for students as the exam is the gateway to become a certified professional. The extraordinary amount of text books used during your days as a student along with all of the information specifically available regarding writing exams can be daunting for the student. ​

Health Training Online has developed a Canadian Nursing Exam review to assist the student nurse to focus and organize their time to develop a successful study plan for exam writing.  Our review  focuses’ on the expected competencies of a practising registered nurse; understanding that if the student is able to grasp the fundamentals of practice they will be able to extrapolate, through the use of critical thinking skills, their knowledge and analysis skills to successfully responding to the exam questions.